Marti Mackenzie | Media Specialist for Lawyers & their Clients

"Marti worked with me in complex commercial cases where her grasp of the legal issues was insightful. We have relied on her expertise and analysis of the public perception regarding significant issues. We've also relied on her to formulate accurate and positive communication where appropriate."

John Foster, Litigator & Partner, Baker & Hostetttler, LLP

Media Expert for Lawyers

Marti Mackenzie

Marti Mackenzie is a media and marketing expert to lawyers specializing in criminal defense, corporate litigation and personal injury law. Her 25 years of precedent-setting media relations skills on behalf of lawyers and their clients throughout the country are chronicled in her book Courting the Media: Public Relations for the Accused and Accusers (Praeger Greenwood Press, 2007).

Recent clients include former astronaut Lisa Nowak, attorneys for Casey Anthony, and individuals accused of murder as well as a commercial litigator suing New York’s largest camera and video store for sex discrimination. She represented the late Johnnie L. Cochran, Jr. who endorsed her book and numerous other high-profile criminal defense lawyers. In a unique case, a Florida Public Defender’s Office retained her and the local county paid for her media expertise in a capital murder case.

"The power of the media in our society cannot be overemphasized or underestimated. As the power of the media grows, the need for media relations specialists in high-profile cases grows as well. Without experts like Marti Mackenzie to assist them, lawyers in high-profile cases do their clients a tremendous and often irreparable disservice."

Johnnie L. Cochran, Jr. - (1937 - 2005)