ABC NYC, the Book

Each Page a Story, A to Z

About the Author

ABC NYC is a unique selection of photographs--from A to Z. Each image and description opens a topic for children and parents to discuss.

This is a book that can teach children to recognize letters and words and introduces them to everyday things and historical objects.

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Each Page a Story: From A to Z The concept behind each photograph and description is to engage the child in a discussion. For example, APPLES are red or green or yellow. Do you think that they taste different? Did you know that some apples are best for baking pies, others for making juice, and some are really delicious to eat. Some apples are very hard and tart; some are very soft.

GUITARS have strings that sing when someone plucks them. There are all kinds of ways to make music. Many instruments have strings. Even the piano has strings inside of it. The music starts when the a peice of wood hits the strings inside the piano. Other intruments make music when air is blown inside them, like horns. There are so many ideas for reading ABC NYC to children. For more suggestions from A to Z, email the author:

About the Author: Marti Mackenzie began taking photos with a Kodak Brownie camera as a child. A public relations consultant to the legal profession, she often directs photo shoots, relying on talented commerical photographers to achieve the look she wants for newsletters, brochures and web projetcs for law firms in Florida, Texas and New York. In 1994, she purchased her 5005 Nikon for a trip to Cuba. Her interest in photography has expanded and resulted in producing ABC NYC, with the help of six friends and investors. The lenses and equiptment mentioned in the author's notes at the back of ABC NYC helped her to capture what her photographer's eye noticed in the outdoor markets of New York City. She is currently working on a second book, ABC FLA, with photos from Alligators to Zinnia's.