Marti Mackenzie | Media Specialist for Lawyers & their Clients

Media Expertise

Marti Mackenzie

As an expert in high-profile cases and controversial issues management, Marti Mackenzie advises lawyers who have a commitment to performing outstanding legal work and achieving success for their clients and themselves. In 1987, she founded Professional Profiles, Inc. a public relations firm specifically focused on creating ethical, effective and award-winning marketing and media relations programs for the legal profession. She opened her New York City office in 2000. By 2005 she concentrated on consulting with the legal profession and occasionally appearing as an expert commentator for CNN’s HLN.

A pioneer in managing media relations for the criminally accused and victims seeking justice through the courts, Marti Mackenzie has worked with lawyers across the country, advising them and their clients for more than twenty-five years. She first developed her media skills as Executive Director of the ACLU of Mississippi (1979 -80).

She is skilled and successful in managing all the components of media relations, including developing media interest, writing statements and interview preparation. She maintains highly successful relationships with producers and reporters at national networks, print and electronic media, in both specific local markets and the international news media.

"I don't have to waste time explaining a legal procedure to her. She knows how to handle the media, even in the most complex and controversial case."

Donald Lykkebak, Criminal Defense Attorney