Marti Mackenzie | Media Specialist for Lawyers & their Clients

Marti Mackenzie is recognized in professional publications for her trend-setting public relations expertise in handling high-profile cases and trials. "[She's] . . . out ahead in a field that will become more crowded: consultants handling work for attorneys and taking on all kinds of cases.

Leonard Saffir, author of Power Public Relations

Unique & Specialized Experience

She has positioned clients on legal topics and cases covered by both broadcast and print media and is an expert in managing media relations in high profile issues, involving both civil litigation or criminal prosecution.

Marti Mackenzie teaches a seminar, “Media Relations for Lawyers: Skills for the New Century,“““” to groups and individual law firms sharing the know-how she has developed preparing clients for interviews by the media, not only lawyers, but professionals including physicians, teachers, investors and business owners.

Marti has published numerous essays, reviews and feature articles and has worked as a free-lance journalist. Today she uses her writing and communication skills for the benefit of the lawyers and clients she represents.

ABC NYC CoverMarti Mackenzie has also published a children's book, to assist with recognizing letters - "ABC NYC." Please Visit ABC NYC for more on The Book